Billings and Company provides administration, plan design and recordkeeping of retirement plans. So do a lot of others. 

Q: Why choose Billings?  A: We do more than just “crunch the numbers.”

Whether you are an employer, investment advisor, or participant, you want an administrator that not only keeps track of things but also strives to help you understand the numbers and to implement the numbers.

Retirement plans are the only legal way to:

  • get a tax deduction up front (or permanent tax exclusion for Roth-type contributions);
  • get tax-deferral on all growth; and
  • get tax-advantaged distributions.

But getting these items to work in the most efficient manner, you need someone that specializes in this area. We have been doing this since 1984, and we work in partnership with the investment advisor to “build the plan around the company” instead of “building the company around the plan.”

Sound like a smart idea? It is.

2018 401k Plan Limits

2017 401k Plan Limits

  • Nationwide
  • Charles Schwab
  • Principal Financial Group
  • Mass Mutual
  • John Hancock
  • Transamerica
  • MG Trust Company
  • Empower Retirement