About Us

Billings and Company, Inc., began as an aspiration of R.L. “Dick” Billings in 1984 to specialize in “qualified” retirement plans when, at the time, there was very little flexibility available to plan sponsors. Before January 1984, there were no local firms specializing in third-party administration — only firms that also wanted to sell you investment products as part of a “package,” which is not always bad, but it doesn’t offer much in the way of choice. Married with two young children and another soon on the way, Billings started what was then known as R.L. Billings & Co., with 30 clients and little money in the bank.

More than 30 years later, the company now boasts a coverage field of 34 states and more than 450 plans that have one to several thousand employees. Also, R.L. Billings & Co.’s name has changed to Billings and Company, Inc., reflecting the fact that the whole Billings family has been involved and that the thriving business allows it to grow in employees and locations. The business focuses on specialized service in a field that is more important than ever due to economic uncertainty. Billings and Company’s employees strive to give responsive, innovative and personalized advice and service in the qualified retirement plan and related employee benefits areas to employers, as well as to the plan sponsor’s employees.


Meet Our Employees


 Sue Manning
 Account Manager
 Evan Poland
 Assistant Account Manager

 R.L. “Dick” Billings, CPC, CEBS,
 Nancy Flores
 Conversion Specialist/Assistant Account  Manager
 Mike Hahn, QPFC
 Relationship Manager
Michael Billings
 Michael Billings
 Director of Business Development
 George B. Smith, APA, ERPA
 Director of Administration
 Matt Billings
 Director of Finance and Human  Resources
 Troy Zwart
 Account Manager
 Peggy Miller, APA
 Account Manager
 Rachel Weitzel, QKA
 Account Manager
 Jessica Carmona, QKA
 Account Manager
 Keri Zachmann
 Account Manager
 Carrie Ridler, QKA
 Assistant Account Manager
 Waderich, Kathy
 Kathy Waderich
 Assistant Account  Manager
 Nheylin Ung
 Administrative Assistant
 Sam Rickett
 Assistant Account Manager
 Jackie Kuspa
 Administrative Assistant
 Sue Manning
 Account Manager
 Evan Poland
 Assistant Account Manager
 Jerri Meyer 



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