Information is power!  In order to provide you the most value out of your retirement plan, you need the latest information on the industry, best practices and add-on options available to your plan.  

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  • Annual call to review your retirement plan.
  • Assigned contacts to service your plan.
  • Voicemails and Emails are returned within 8 business hours.
  • Realistic client requests will be met with clear due dates presented.
  • Feedback on problems and ideas are greatly encouraged for continuous improvement. 
  • Out of office emails will be on while we are out.  Employees out greater than one day have an assigned back up. 


Billings and Company provides timely, accurate and complete plan services that meet the extensive reporting and disclosure requirements for qualified plans. When you have questions, we do more than provide a customer service representative.  You have an assigned contact to your plan, ensuring that you receive fast support and thorough administration from the person responsible for your plan. 

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Plan Design

The number one cost in any retirement plan is the way it is designed. We have over 35 years of plan design experience to meet your expectations. 

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Contribution calculations, governmental filings and implementing tax law changes are all important outcomes we provide to retirement plans. 

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Notice Outsourcing

The government requires certain disclosures based on specific format and timing. This service will outsource timing, format and delivery of participant notices. 

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Access to trade name brand ETFs and institutional mutual funds without having the requirements or influence of a fund family. Our platform is fully transparent disclosing fees by not hiding them in the fund internal cost like many other providers do. 

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Fiduciary Services

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