Fiduciary Services

What is my risk today?

When employers offer a retirement plan, they (by default) become the named fiduciary and Administrator to that plan. Often, the employer does not have the knowledge or experience to manage the plan correctly according to fiduciary standards. Even more surprising, most employers do not know they are the responsible fiduciary.

If and when a retirement plan breach occurs, the employer is CORPORATELY and PERSONALLY responsible and will be required to make the plan whole as if the mistake had not happened.


It is possible to delegate fiduciary responsibility to a professional firm. We can accept the responsibility and ensure the safety, quality and efficiency of your retirement plan. 

Be mindful

Our competitors do offer a fiduciary solution but they only take half the responsibility and charge the same amount of money. Make sure to ask them who would become the named 402 if they provide this service?

Scope of Service

Establish bylaws, document retention and 5500 signature responsibility

Issue all required participant notices

Oversee IRS audits and DOL audits

Approve plan distribution requests

Evaluate reasonableness of expenses

Annual review of internal processes and procedures with retirement plan

Who should Hire Us?

Plan Sponsors who lack the time or expertise to ensure all administrative functions are carried out in a detailed and proper manner

Plan Sponsors who want to hire a provider willing to be a Named Fiduciary under ERISA

Plan Sponsors concerned about fiduciary liability

Plan Sponsors looking for “peace-of-mind”

Plan Sponsors who operate with lean internal staffing

Plan Sponsors who would like to receive a comprehensive signed report each year that details who performed each required task

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What is a Fiduciary?